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Our Highlights

Test phase

Try out the unique, patented SchneiderBox concept for yourself. In a test phase, you will check to what extent the SchneiderBox will revolutionize your logistics process and save you costs and CO². Don’t take any risks, you can put a whole train (384 pieces) of SchneiderBoxes through their paces at a reduced rental price for up to 2 months. If we have convinced you, then just keep the SchneiderBoxes. Our sales professionals will work with you to find your optimal price model. Just return the SchneiderBoxes if they do not fit into your logistics process.

1. SchneiderBoxes received
2. Try for up to 2 months
3. Weigh acquisition
4. Keep/return SchneiderBox

Our Highlights

Return Guarantee

One of our special highlight is our lifelong return guarantee! If you no longer need the SchneiderBox, we guarantee that you can return the SchneiderBox at the current market price and condition of the SchneiderBox.

Purchase options

In addition to an innovative product solution, you can choose from flexible purchase options to determine
the model that best suits your individual situation.


Get your SchneiderBox at an attractive price.


Purchase with down payment using an EPAL box pallet

Get twice the benefit! Reduce the purchase price of the SchneiderBox with an exchangeable EPAL mesh box that you no longer need and thus free up space in your warehouse.

Exchange SchneiderBox for EPAL wire mesh boxes

Get the SchneiderBox without burdening your liquidity. Exchange EPAL wire mesh boxes that are in good condition for a SchneiderBox*.

*Exchange ratio depending on the current market prices

Price Examples Purchase Options

The price examples (purchase options as well as rental and financing
options) are based on the following parameters:

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WordPress Tables Plugin

*Daily price depends on fluctuating raw material prices

Calculating amortization

Price 384 units

Reduced monthly transport costs

Savings Calculation

(60 x reduction in transport costs per month) – Price per 384 units

Rental and Financing Options

Benefit immediately from the savings without investing and financing beforehand or
renting the SchneiderBox. This saves your liquidity and you can benefit from the
advantages of the SchneiderBox immediately.


By renting the SchneiderBox you save your liquidity and benefit immediately from all the advantages.


Lease purchase

Secure your ownership of the SchneiderBox immediately and pay the purchase price in moderate monthly installments.


Lease purchase using an EPAL wire mesh box pallet as a deposit

The fourfold advantage to you! Immediate ownership, reduced monthly rates, space in your warehouse and sustainable use of resources!

Price example for rental and financing options

The starting point is an immediate monthly saving of € 3,150 in transport costs

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*Daily price depends on fluctuating raw material prices

Cash effective savings per month

Reduced monthly transport costs – SchneiderBoxes per month

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