SchneiderBox - The easiest way to save transport costs and CO² immediately!

The patented SchneiderBox handling system transforms the popular standard EPAL mesh box into a sustainable space miracle. We developed our unique foldable box pallets based on our 55 years of expertise in manufacturing box pallets, special load carriers and individual storage racks.

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Cost efficient

Transport costs: 75% less

The SchneiderBox will eliminate three out of four transport trips because it optimally utilizes cargo space. The intelligent Schneider stacking system lets the SchneiderBoxes’ lightweight 65 kg construction stack one inside the other when folded. This means that the boxes can be stacked up to 12 in the load compartment. 384 SchneiderBoxes instead of 96 EPAL wire mesh boxes means a more economical use of loading space.

Optimize storage space

Storage area: Minus 75%

Save space and money with the SchneiderBox! As warehouse operator, you can reduce unused space, because every empty square meter drives up costs. When folded, you can store four times as many SchneiderBoxes as EPAL box pallets in the same space. The Schneider stacking system’s intelligent interlocking lets you can stack 24 SchneiderBox at a time.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainable CO² reduction

Reduce your ecological footprint with the SchneiderBox. Optimized processes in storage and transport contribute to a greener environment. Carrying 384 boxes at a time will eliminate three out of 4 transport trips and will reduce your CO² emissions by approx. 65% (source: Federal Environmental Agency).

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Even when developing the SchneiderBox, we thought ahead to optimizing your processes. The Schneider Feet have a built-in mounting option so that the boxes can be used on an automated system for loading and unloading.

Easy handling

SchneiderBox’s simple and functional structure saves up to 66% percent of set-up time compared to the usual folding boxes currently on the market. The SchneiderBox sets up quickly and efficiently from the front, whereas other folding boxes require the person doing the setting up to have to go around the box and lift each side part separately to secure it.

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As an EPAL-licensed company, we not only manufacture wire mesh boxes, we have also been repairing them for decades. When we developed the innovative SchneiderBox, we incorporate our many years of expertise by taking the most common reasons for repairing EPAL box pallets into account. We thus eliminated 85% of the reasons that EPAL box pallets need to be repaired.